Holy Family
Alumni News

    Volume 1, Issue 1
November 30, 1998

From the top....Fr. Bill Bigelow

Often I am asked by an alumnus of our school: "What's new at Holy Family?" My response: Lots!! A new pastor - an alum; a new principal - a sister of Mercy in the great tradition of Sister Gerald, Sister Jean Marie and all the other Mercy principals; a new look to the building; even a new boiler replacing the behemoth of Joe Domann's day. All this newness creates a very dynamic atmosphere at dear old Holy Family. And there is much that is old in the best sense of the word: the dedication of our teachers; the Mercy spirit touching the lives of our children; the memory-building experiences that have enriched our lives to this day; 8th grade classes that gather on the front of the church for the great "graduation picture" with the pastor; the joy and exuberance of the students echoing through the corridors and down the "tunnel."

As a 1953 graduate, I am profoundly aware that we all have been wonderfully enriched by our Holy Family years and that our memories of those years are the source of real joy for us.

I witness it each time there is a reunion and whenever we have a visit from a long lost alum. I have walked through the building with many of you and have marveled at how a particular classroom or an antique coat hook still in place in the hallways can stir such delicious nostalgia. Graduates of Holy Family we received precious gifts and have been richly blessed.

I am very excited that Pat Crowley - alum Joe Crowley's wife and a former teacher here at Holy Family - is offering her time, talent and gifts to help direct an alumni outreach effort. Our hope is that this effort will help you to continue the joy of the Holy Family experience by letting you know what's happening these days at your first alma mater; facilitate various class reunions and offer an annual opportunity for a home coming event.

We hope to be able to also offer to you some ways in which you may wish to help keep the effort going for the benefit of the students of today and tomorrow.

Wishing you and your families much joy and peace as you prepare to celebrate the Birth of Jesus! May the Spirit of the Season be with you in the New Year!

Your Newsletter

Everyone loves to hear news from old friends and classmates. Please drop a line and let us know what's happening in your world. Perhaps you have some ideas to share or news about other alums of HFS. You write it...... We'll print it!

Congratulations to Frank McGuire, class of '41, on being named Buffalo's "Philanthropist of the Year."


The class of "1948" recently gathered for their 50th year reunion at Ilio DiPaola's restaurant and the class of "1968" celebrated its 30 year reunion. Many memories and a huge amount of laughter were shared by all in attendance.

Next year the class of '49 will reach its 50th.... '59, its 40th.... '69, its 30th and the class of '73, its 25th anniversary year. Now is the time to start planning for the celebrations. It only takes two or three people from eacj class to set plans in motion and we will help in any way we can with names, addresses, etc.

(Hey class of '49.. Joan Lillis, Sr. Sally Maloney, Joe Crowley, Tom Brinkworth, Joe Emhoff, Bill Weir... When is the first meeting?)

Creation of Development Office & "Council"

The rich tradition and values associated with Holy Family School remain steadfast in today's world - a tribute to its community, its leaders and its rich history of which all its graduates share in.

We are all aware of the role education plays in developing the minds and hearts of our greatest asset, our children. We have only to recall the intensity of our parents or grandparents, who came to this country determined to be part of the "American Dream". They worked hard and made great sacrifices so that their greatest asset - their children, could receive the best education and in turn contribute to the world they live in.

The parents of the children at Holy Family School today want the same thing for their children and they're willing to work hard and make sacrifices. However, today's world is so much more complex - everything moves at a faster pace - new technologies, new teaching methods, advanced equipment, etc..

The demands of the Pastor, Principal, Teachers and Parents allow for little precious time to develop plans for the future. They are certainly at the center of all plans for the Parish and the School because they live the mission day to day. But, they need our help. They need our input our experience, our expertise, our energy, our support. Because I've seen first hand (through marriage and friendship with many alums) the impact that HFS graduates have had on Western New York and because I believe that we all have God-given talents to share, I have made a commitment to establish a "development office" and "Development Council" for HFS.

Join "the Team" You won't be disappointed

Your talents and gifts would help this effort move forward quickly. Will you prayerfully consider joining "the team" in any way you can. Call me, Pat Crowley, at 662-3268... We'll do lunch!

If you have a couple of hours a month to help the Development program on its way, (non HFS grads are most welcome) it would be a great blessing for all the children at HFS today and in the future.

Special thanks to Vince Bamrick, Jerry Hixon and to Marilyn Strong Walker, class of '44 for all their help with this newsletter!

Star Light...Star Bright program

It was a star that led the way to the Child who was the Son of God and the world was changed forever...

Would you consider being a "shinning star" for the children of HFS - helping to lead them through their days at HFS so they may "shine in today's world?

Your contribution to the "Star Light, Star Bright" program will enrich the scholastic programs at HFS and enable faculty, staff and most importantly the children "shine" academically.

For every contribution you make, a star in your name, your family's name, your business's name or your association's name will be displayed out side each classroom as a symbol of hope for the future of our children.

If you or someone you know has access to any item listed below or would like to send a cash contribution towards the purchase of an item, please contact Pat Crowley, (716) 662-3268, or mail to 'Star Bright' HFS, 920 Tifft St., Buffalo, NY 14220.
  • Scientific Calculators (30)
  • Polaroid Camera
  • Printers
  • Fax Machine
  • Write on/wipe off/
    pull down graph chart
  • Computers w/CD Roms
  • Overhead Transparency sheets
  • Music program/ Teacher
  • Language program/ Teacher
  • Laminating machine
  • Materials for Science experiments
  • TV with VCR
  • Manipulatives for Math
  • Write on cling sheets
  • Globe
  • Triple Balance Scales (4)
  • 50ml Graduated Cylinders (set of 6)
  • New desks/chairs
  • Mini chalkboards
  • Paint
  • Bus money for Field trips
  • large rug for classroom
  • Front flood lights for stage

Did you know...

Holy Family school has 210 students enrolled this year and 11 dedicated teachers. Sister Patricia Collins is the Principal. You'll be hearing from her in our next issue. (She was fighting a flu bug at the time we went to press)

We have a new Holy Family Logo (thanks to the talents of Dion Pender of Crowley, Webb & Associates.) In a few weeks "logo buttons" will be available. We're "Talking Proud" of HFS..

Every time you shop at "Target" one percent of your total bill can be donated to HFS. Just open a charge (if you don't already have one) and designate HFS as the recipient of their scholastic sharing program. With Christmas just around the corner, it's the perfect time to participate and the dollars will quickly add up to more revenues for the school. If you have one call customer service to enroll HFS.

Always Searching

As part of the new Development program at Holy Family School, we are working on a data base of all past graduates, (if you received this newsletter, you're in it.) But we need your help (again)
.....If you have the name, address and date graduated of any former students, we would appreciate your filling out the following form and mailing it to:
Development Program
Church of the Holy Family
1885 South Park Avenue,
Buffalo, NY, 14220

Don't worry about duplicating what we already have. We will check each form that comes in against the current data base..

Graduates currently living out of town are particularly hard to find.

Thanks again for all your help!






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