SR. MARY CARITAS: My gratefulness to have had so many good boys and girls who have indeed made the world a better place by their lives. Memorable/Funniest Moment My own "inkwell" incident.

SR, ANNE MARIE FITZSIMMONS: Director, Wade Experience, a Trocaire College program.

SR, JEANNE MARIE HARTIGAN: I am retiring June 21, 1996, after serving as principal of Holy Family School for the last 20 years. Memorable Moment - Coming back as principal of the school where I started teaching at the age of 17 in 1947.

JIM BANKO: Daughter graduated from St. Bonaventure University, son a member of National Honor Society at Timon H.S., wife registered nurse at Sisters Hospital for 23 years. Memorable Moment - Scoring the first run of the 1956 baseball season... then never played baseball again! Funniest Memory - 7th grade, Joe Colern, Jack Tighe and Jack Wiles jumped out the window. Sister M. Nolasco thought they had vanished. She could not comprehend that they were gone!

MARGARET BERNER KELLY: Eileen, our second daughter, is getting married in Oct. '96. Traveling to Ireland in Aug. '96. Son Sean will attend St. Francis H.S. in Sept. '96. Memorable Moment - Graduation - getting out.

PAUL CARR: Married 34 years and expecting our 5th grandchild in August. Memorable Moment - All the friends made, which were very close because we were all neighborhood and school friends. Funniest Memory - The day Sister Nolasco locked us in her home room and we climbed out the window and went home. She was really surprised when she returned.

MICHAEL M. CHIMIAK: Memorable Moment - The crush I had on Theresa Lacomis and Ellen Keany. Funniest Memory - Seeing Sister Mary Verena going after Tom Maloney for acting in the exit line.

KATHLEEN COGGINS McDERMOTT: Memorable Moment - I am sure it probably was Graduation Day. Funniest Memory - Sorry, can't remember back that far - kind of scares me.

PEGGY GORMAN, R.S.M.: Looking forward to seeing everyone! Memorable Moment - The Christmas plays returning to your classroom after the play and having pop skippy cup, box of hard candy on your desk provided by the Mother's Club! Funniest Memory - Sister Mary Caritas' 6th grade, when the inkwell shot in her face after she hit it with a yardstick.

DON GRIFFIN: Memorable Moment - Representing Holy Family on a Channel 4 television show. Funniest Memory . Playing on the baseball team with Jim Banko.

MARTIN F. HOCKEY: Memorable Moment - Planning the burglary with Tom Maloney.

ELLEN KEANY SCHREIER: Memorable Moment -I remember when Sr. Michael stayed after school and planned the new seating assignments according to who liked who.

J. MICHAEL KEARNS: I volunteer at the White House for state dinners and social functions and installing Christmas decor. Have been doing this since Reagan's last year.

JULIE KELLY SOEDER: I would like to attend the reunion, but a distance problem. Unable to attend. Best wishes for a grand evening!

PETER LIBERTI: Funniest Memory - I remember- that I was the only boy in the 8th grade class who could climb to the top of the flagpole in the school yard.

JON LYNCH: After many years on the road: Plattsburgh, Westchester County, New York City, Allentown & Denver, have returned to my South Buffalo roots! Circuitous for sure! Memorable Moment - Graduation, and my party at the Timon Annex on Como. Funniest Memory - Sister Nolasco & Ida Bonvissuto

THOMAS F. MALONEY: Memorable Moment - Serving funerals and missing classes. Father Nash's funeral. Funniest Memory - Getting "released" from Sr. Gerald's choir in sixth grade. Seventh grade in Sr. Verena's class.

BONNIE MANNS LOCKERO: Finally marrying off one of my sons on Aug. 3. One down, one to go. Memorable Moment - The wonderful times with Sr. Michael.

BETTY MARIANO SOOS: Memorable Moment - I recall the time when Peter Liberti pulled the chair out from under me when I went to sit down at my desk. I landed on the floor, of course. Funniest Memory - Many a time I was walking down the hall carrying my books, when the next thing I knew they were knocked out of my arms onto the floor, by none other than Marco Silvestri.

GRACE E. MASSET: Living in Florida for 18 years Memorable Moment - Helping with parade floats.

THOMAS A. McDONNELL: Memorable Moment Graduation. Funniest Memory - Listening to Gerry Milligan singing those great Irish songs: "Gallway Bay."

KATHY McNAMARA O'NEILL: Memorable Moment Lots of great memories. Can't think of just one right now. Funniest Memory - Also, many funny memories. Can't think of just one right now.

BILL QUINN: Memorable Moment - Drawing the solar system on the blackboard in 7th grade. Funniest Memory "Now, now Gus." Bill Mueller will remember

BOB ROESSER: Memorable Moment - In the fifth grade we were given the opportunity of becoming altar boys. Funniest Memory - In the sixth grade Sister Mary Caritas let the boys finally win a spelling bee with the girls.

JAMES E. "SPIKE" SHANAHAN: We will be in Florida, unable to attend. Have a great time! Hello and best wishes to everyone! I know Jim Banko and Father "Bender" Maloney will handle things well.

PAT WALH: Funniest Memory - The bottles of Coca-Cola were always warm at the school Christmas party.

MARGARET WATTS SMITH: Memorable Moment Waiting to see Sister Gerald in the office for lighting candles in church after a fire and we were told not to light any more candles. Funniest Memory - Leaving my black rubbers at the corner of Tifft Street because I hated to wear them.

RONALD A. ZELAK: Sorry I won't be able to attend the reunion. We will be in Orlando., Fla. that week with our sons family. Hope to see you at the next reunion.